Round 6 2021

Round 6 2021


Supers v Western Saints – June 20th Away

Essendon 6-5-35 defeated by Western Saints 11-7-73

Best Players: Corey, Belly, Mags, Wheels, Watto, Collo, Swinny, Shaun, Anthony.
Goal scorers: Watto-2, Collo -2, Swlnny-1, Wheels-1.

After some drunken video survaillance by coach and his assistant last Friday night, we went in confident with an ever-improving team for an away re-match with the Western Sa.ints. Although it ended in the same result, the improvement was significant from Round 1.
Great to welcome Anthony and Aldo as new players who both performed very well in their first games for the club. Anthony has been working hard on the track and wth some guidance of the modified rules (no knees) from the coach, he will be a big asset to the team in coming games.
Having Mags back in the backline for his second great game was a welcome addition.
The game was played very similarly to Round 1. Our commitment to the ball and the man was second to none with Belly and Corey, etc leading the way again!
Our use of the ball, however, needs to improve.

We need to

  1. Think slow,
  2. Look left and right, like a pedestrian when crossing the street,
  3. take those options, no need to panic with the ball or as a team, in general.

Everything is tracking upwards. Keep working hard and pushing eachother further on the training track.

However, Last Friday was wet and cold and only three turned up to train. (Mozza, Theo and myself). Pretty average, 30 shots at goal and 6 laps (all Mozza), but it all counts. Get down as much as you can, boys.

Cheers, Collo.


Masters 5-11-41 defeated by Western Saints 8-18-66

Best Players;: Growie, Robbo, Minoots, Cam, Enrico, Elias, Mozza, Johnny K.
Goalscorers: Minoots-2, Marco-t. Steve C -1, Tim -1.

To be fair, the effort for the game today was pretty good considering we were badly undermanned with several key players out.
Hammo was absent due to his Mrs putting her foot down. Gerry pulled out at the last minute, several guys turned up late and some even rolled up during the game.
Thanks to Priesty, Cam and Theo for giving us a “chop-out”, as we started with 5 on the bench (on paper) to end up roving no bench at all when the ball bounced! Just another typical Sunday.
I thought the first 7-8 mins of both quarters 1 and 2 we were a bit asleep in defence and being accountable, then for son-e reason we clawed our way back in to the game.
Was pretty close a game until the last quarter where we fell away giving up some easy goals, but not helped by some poor umpiring decisions.

Overall, some highlights were big Tony il is his first game being a solid target up forward will compliment Hammo when he gets back. Cam was good in the Ruck giving away height and looks to his opponent Damo, ( you know that traitor who used to play for us!).

New guys Steve and Marcel did really well and we hope they stick around.

What we won’t cop, is the negative comments on the ground directed at teammates. No one is better than any other and if players want to play finals, they need to shape up or they can ship off.
Overall a solid game after a while off playing and we now are looking to bigger and betterô€…“ things for the rest of the year.

Make sure that you are available for the rest of the year and commit now so we can have some consistency In the team.

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