Round 1 – April 18th 2021

Round 1 – April 18th 2021

Reserves 9-12.66 defeated Western Saints 5-9.39

Best Players: Growie, Gerry, L.iam, Elias, Bells, Joe H, Mark S, Joey R, Bazza.
Goal scorers: Joe H – 2, Bazza – 2, Del – 2, Hammo -1, Mark – 1, Elias – 1.

Well the season finally got underway after nearly 20 months off football, and I’m sure all players are certainly feeling it today
We welcomed into the side a stack of new faces from our last game back in the 2018 GF including Liam, Lobby, Marco, Dave, Mark, Enrico, Steve, Growie, and Joe H who all played a role in helping us secure the 4 points.
In what was always going to be a scrappy game after such a long lay-off, the skills were ok early on as we kicked to an early lead and pretty much maintained/extended that to get a win by 4 goals.
Backline was strong all day with great games by all 6 who pretty much played there all day. The old warhorse, Tuccs looks as fresh as anything after a year off. I don’t think Elmo stopped talking so nothing has changed there with the year off and I was waiting for the umpire to send him off just to keep him quiet. Big Bells had one of his best games for the club at CHB running and setting up a number of players, Liam a new player looked at home on the HBF and will create a lot of run for us during the season, Dave also on the HBF took good marks and attacked the ball hard and Steve in the back pocket was solid after injuring himself early on in the game, but continued to play through it.
Centre- Pretty much the same. On-ballers started the game in there and also finished the game in there with very limited change due to numbers. Growie first game in the twos for a while looked at home in the middle and controlled the game. Elias, nothing changes there, strong all day kicking a good goal as well. Joey, yes Joey, you read it correctly, played in the middle after a limited pre-season where he could hardly walk a lap, but found a spring In his step and played a great game. Then the big fella in the Ruck, who decided to come back and help us in the twos this year, Gerry, after about a million texts and probably got sick of me, moved well, got the taps and helped set up many forward drives. The two wingers, both first games for the club for a while, Marco gave us plenty of run both up and back and had plenty of the ball and Enrico after probably, what he would say, has had a shocking couple of years – health wise, was great to see him out and about getting kicks and enjoying footy again.
Forwards – 9 goals 12 behinds we will take on most days, especially when you are winning, but need some goal kicking practise in the week leading up to next round. Frist gamer, Lubby, not Lobby, gave plenty of lead up and looked better as the game went on and will be an important player for us as helped out in the ruck. Bazza continues to do his rolls when he marks the ball for no reason at all just to get grass stains on his knees to say he played, but kicked two goals and even gave a cheap nasty elbow to a player, but was quick to put his hand up and say stop when the opponent come back and tried to hit him! (ha-ha). Joe H was another first upper for a while kicked 2 goals and created contests when the ball was up forward. Big fella Mark got persuaded to play and looked at home marking and kicking a goal and probably could have kicked 5, but needs to work on his kicking a bit, big fella, but was a handy tall target up forward, and Hammo for being Hammo.
Thanks to Del chipping in for two goals! Just remember, Del, when the coach (AKA Hammo) runs past – you give the handball mate (ha ha ha) and Con in the backline for helping out after playing a game already on the day, as well the Strawb twins for putting on the boots even though Strawbs junior had two different boots on ..
As mentioned to the boys early wins are important in the comp with only 5 teams in it so next week’s game against Hillside away Is important to win this will give us a 2 game break from them and%.
Stay safe and see yah on the track! I’ll be away this Wednesday so apologise in advance and I’ll see yah the following week. Remember if you have any niggles to get yourself right.

Cheers Hammo

Supers 7-3.45 lost to Western Saints 17-4.106

Best Players: Wheels, Fruity, Abs, Corey, Collo, Nick R, Adam.
Goal scorers: Fruity – 4, Mozza – 1, Wheels – 1, Corey- 1.

The game started off scrappy with both sides showing signs of “first game nerves” and a lot of skill errors after such a long break so it took a while for us to score the first goal in the first quarter. Swinny work rate was phenomenal again, but lining up against a bigger ruckman meant that our midfielders had to work extra hard to get their hands on the ball from stoppages. Corey and Oggy bashed and crashed their way through the packs all day while Nick Riseley was making his debut and getting plenty of the ball until he came off with an injured leg. Joycey also provided us with a target up forward, but ended up having to go onto the ball to get into the game more, but ended up going off the field with an injured ankle late in the game. Fruity made the most of his opportunities up forward and the Friday night goal kicking practice sessions paid off with him kicking four goals.
Wheels was on fire and took some strong marks all over the ground as Priesty put his bodies on the line and was not afraid to lay some hard tackles. Abs did a great job in his first game under a lot of pressure as our tallest defender trying to stop their big full forward – not a pleasant initiation for anyone, but he handled himself really well. Big Vinnie, like so many others, was very frustrated with his own performance and had a short spell on the bench to let off some steam then went up forward and looked a lot more comfortable. Kouts and Theo worked hard really feeling the heat in the backline as they had to match up against taller forwards who seemed to be outnumber them all day. Collo did his usual roaming around and played everywhere trying to set up the forwards and gave us some good run off the backline.
New recruit Shaun Meyers was also impressive in his debut getting stuck right into the thick of things and managed to get through his first game a bit little sore, but uninjured. Bunger ran his lungs out all day and surely must have regretted letting Fruity talk him into playing for us at the last minute. Luckily, he used his “smarts” and managed his time on and off the field well to survive the game and he will, no doubt, get better and better as his fitness improves. Brian also went in hard all day and made a welcome return to the club after a long absence and getting through a solid workout like that would have been good for his fitness. Cam and Mozza also ran out the game well, despite copping some heavy knocks, and will also benefit from their experience of the extra pressure and faster pace of the Supers in their next games.
We would like to thank Watto and Belly for their assistance and wisdom on the sidelines and appreciates that it must have been very frustrating for both of them not to be able to be out there. Belly got to the point where he got changed at half time and almost went on the field with a sore hammy, but luckily common sense prevailed and he reluctantly backed off. We would also like to thank “Butter fingers” Elmo and Strawbs Senior for helping out on the bench and making sure they finished with 18 players on the field. Collo was very happy with the effort all the boys put in and glad that everyone got a good workout and will learn from the experience. The scoreboard doesn’t reflect the courage that our guys showed stepping up for the club to play in the Supers after injuries left the side depleted. The club was proud of the effort that you all put in and the spirit that you played in which will give us something to build and improve upon at training. So put this game behind you and work hard to get ready for the next game and get to training on Wednesday nights. We had this game filmed so see me if you’d like a copy on USB for $5.

Yours truly, Tuccs.

Legends 4-3.27 lost to Geelong 20-10.130

Best Players: Toddors, Tambo, Toey, Del, Mick, Eddie. Goal scorers: Del -1, Tambo -1, Gus -1, Robbie -1.

After waiting 613 days to play again, the Legends came up against a strong Geelong unit whose midfield was exceptional. With coach Tom away on family duties, Tuccs took over
the whiteboard. By the end of the 1st quarter, we did make a lot of changes swapping
players all over the ground. Cory Klaayson went to CHB, an injured Toey became our FB & Con also was changed from the forward line to the backline.
Irish, Todders & Tambo fought hard in the midfield all day. Robby P, played without training and considering the lack of preparation, he managed to get through the whole game injury free. Del fought hard on ball, up forward & even had a stint in the backline too. Eddie came up from the pocket and presented very well along the wing & took some spectacular diving marks.
Chappy got frustrated & became a tough back man. Mick F played his 1st game and was hard in defense. New comers Marcello & Noel put in a great effort and enjoyed the day, they thought it was going to be a lot easier.
Our backmen Vinnie, Jimmy, Sam, Gus & Chucky all fought hard in defense, which was not an easy task. The forwards kept creeping up the ground trying to get a kick. Fletch moved to the wing, Willy & Mezza ran all day.
The 3rd quarter was our best allowing us to put together some good passages of play which
resulted in us scoring 4 goals.
We will re-group and field our best available side again next Round to take on Ascot Vale. The loss has made us hungrier for a win, so watch out Ascot vale – The Legends are coming…

Regards, Captain Del

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